"Despite a challenging seller and us being out of state, she kept things moving, provided information and worked though several challenges. Should we ever buy again in Santa Fe (we flip houses so who knows?) we would not hesitate to use her again."

Karyn B.

 “Very professional, honest, and knowledgeable, Suzy was dedicated to our needs. I would recommend her highly.”

James Manello

 "After owning and selling twelve houses in various locations in the East and Midwest, we can honestly say that we have never had a better experience with our realtor. We truly felt that Suzy was our advocate. Most importantly, she is a killer for detail. She made sure every aspect of the process was managed appropriatley. Suzy is the cosummate professional." 

Marte M. and John M.

 "Suzy was amazing, handling a mumber of difficult situations with professionalis. We loved her!"

Katarina B


"We met Suzy at the home we purchased, she was representing the sellers. We were so impressed we asked her to help mediate the transaction. She did a superb job dealing with the multiple parties on the sell side, and at the same time objectively and professionally representing us. Suzy is the best realtor we've ever known!"

Steve & Tammy Barr


"After much searching and interviewing of real estate experts in town, Suzy stood out because she truly understands how to communicate and highlight the features of an exceptional and distinctive property. Selling a high end historic home requires a special understanding and effectiveness. Suzy has both. Her creative ideas and her attention to detail are never ending. we are positive Suzy's skills and experience will secure the successful sale of our property at the right price."

Cyndi and Marc Scullin


"Suzy Eskridge did an excellent job."

Juno Caballero



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